Hi This Is My Home Page Hope you like it if you want to say hi to me or just to comment on my page you can email me at


There is a pull down menu for the midi pages so check them out. I have 300 midis total. All the pages and all links work. There are 10 pages total.

If you don't know what a midi is here is what each letter stands for. M=Musical I=Instrument D=Digital I=Interface. They are mainly small files in size that are only music from eather songs or just music.

Here is a pull down menu for the midi pages so check them out. Click the menu where it says click below and then select the page you want to go to and let go and then click the go button.


I created a cool page for links to my midi pages based on the stargate it takes a while to load so be patient ok so check it outMidi gate

Here is a link to my lyrics page it is in alphbetical order by song name so enjoy I curently have 112 lyrics to songs.

Lyrics Index

Here is a link to a list of tv shows that I have downloaded. I will be updating as I download and compress them. You may see the same episodes online somewhere else with a different file size or length but the ones I have are all real just when I compress them I may edit out some parts at the end to make the file smaller and shorter in length.(Updated September 1 2008)

Tv Episode list

Here is a link to my "My Girl" the movie page.

My Girl Page

I Have all of my cd's listed so check them out. Each cd page contains the name of the cd the track listing how long the tracks are and the total lenth of the cd so enjoy.


Please sign my guest book and let me know what you think of my home page and please have it only be about my home page and no sick stuff or anything like that if you want to say hi thats ok but thats all. I had a posting on it but I deleted it because it contained stuff that was not right so please only put stuff thats about my home page or if you want to say hi ok thanks.

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