Infinite Diversity

Infinite Diversity

Geocities is closing on October 26.

If you are interested in continuing to read my fanfic -- including the stories currently gone missing here -- please visit my livejournal account. I'm busy saving my stuff and will post links to where all of my fanfic will be archived once it's up and ready for public viewing. Thank you for visiting this site over the years.

The fanfic here in is the Buffy/Angelverses, JAG, West Wing, Stargate and Firefly. There are even a few Night Court fics plus one from Gilligan's Island. And now I have a Pirates of the Carribean page Parlez.

May 6, 2005. There be activity here! Check the notes on the Update page. Link is below.


WARNING! If you are under the age of 18 please turn back now. There is a sexual content and language warning on some of the stories contained on the following pages. It is material suitable only for adults.


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