You stand in the middle of a clearing looking down at a horisontal pond sized blue portal. You notice the clear blue surface of the portal seem to wave as if a wind blew over it, but at the same time you notice that there are no winds blowing. Your curiousity takes overhand and you stretch out your hand to touch the surface. As you do a flash emerges and gives you a small electric shock, making you jerk you hand back.

From the depths of the portal you see a creature emerge like none you have ever seen before. A smal brown creature of 2ft length hover out of the portal sorounded by a yellow light. Its oversized red eye look at you seeming to penetrate you very soul. Its thin long squidlike fangs dangle from the otherwise horisontally hovering body.

I am the gaurdian of the portal to the outer worlds,why do you attempt to get in? A shiver goes down your spine as the cold feelingless words from the creature carve into your mind Only dragons of pure heart and either devoted to, or ready to give their devotion, to the Gemkeepers may enter this portal. Those that are not of the dragon kind but devoted to the rase dragons and ready to be true to the Keepers may also enter, but only after recieveing the a gemring from the Head Keeper But spite my words and enter in foul intentions you will not enter the wonderfull outer world, but instead my maze of death in the inner worlds.

The creature hovers back into the portal, disappearing from you sight. Leaving you alone giving you the chioce of what to do.

Enter the Portal