Welcome to my
Anime Page.

Welcome! Anime has always been one of my favorite things and I've collected a lot of stuff that I think you'll be really interested in. So please take a look around and enjoy yourself. I collect things from Dragonball, Pokemon, Ranma, Sailor Moon, and many more..... I add new material regularly to keep my site fresh, so check back often! Thanks, PEACE!
Drawing--I'll have a page up for my scanned drawings so just bare with me

Poems--i'll have a page up for that too

Collecting--here you'll find a lot of pictures

KALI KRIB- This is a sight that me and my friends thought up of hope you like it.

Anipike- this is where I go for all my anime needs

Kazar's page- here you'll find my friends sites of star wars, ranma, and xena

Marvettez Garage- this is a tight page if you're looking for poems, cars, and midi-files

THat's it for now, I'll be adding more later so just bare with me...
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