Cibryen Weyr

Based on the best-selling novel series, "The Dragonriders of Pern" by Anne McCaffrey, Cibryen Weyr has been created as an offline game where players can become anything from Lord Holders to Dragonriders to drudges! Cibryen Weyr is set in the Northern Continent of Pern in an alternate 9th Pass timeline! Come join the fun at our Weyr!

We've totally re-vamped the webpage, and there are lots of fun things to check out (aside from the new look!) Here's what's new:

~ We're expanding! Cibryen's not-so-neighboring Igen Weyr has been sucked into the chaos we call our timeline! See the "Igen Information" page to learn more!
~ Cibryen's history has now been chronicled, and has it's own page.
~ The Holds, Halls and Weyrs page is finally p and running, with some fledgling links attached!
~ The 'People of our Pern" page has been graciously updated by Mistress Vivienne, and now includes the Starsong Weyrlings.
~ The Hatching Grounds have some new occupants...
~ New gossip in the Lower Caverns!

Please feel free to take a look around, and if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact the BoD at the bottom of the page! Thanks for visiting Cibryen Weyr!

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