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As a loyal fan, I have embarked on a mission to create a site worthy of that classic series by boldly going into the vast reaches of cyber space.

Here's a brief overview of what you will find in this sector of the galaxy.

Kirk's Universe (aka The Bridge): My salute to Star Trek contains photos, icons, animated gifs, wav files,and Windows 95 desktop themes.

Spock's Collective Logic (aka The Archives): Not what you are expecting, it's a collection of original science fiction/fantasy literature by aspiring authors. New works are featured each month and there are on-going serials.

Tickled Funny "Bones" (aka Sick Bay): Humorous tidbits, cartoons, parodies, and jokes. Home of the our very own "Space Trackers" satire.

Officer's Club (aka Rec Room): Trivia, puzzles, and games for the off-duty officer that can't get shore leave.

Sulu's NaviGuide (aka The Helm): A complete listing of all the links within this site in case you can't find what you're looking for or you just like all the details.

Transporter Room: A list of other cool Star Trek, sci-fi, and fantasy links.

Communications Console (aka Contact): Sign our guestbook, take part in the Save the Star Trek Web Sites campaign, and provide us feedback. We hope to add a message board and chat in the near future.


1998 - 99

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Engineering reports . .. .beam ups since Stardate 9810.2

Star Trek


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