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Well, I'm off to Sweden for 10 days from the 13th, and then I'm in London for the rest of the summer as I tackle on, gasp real work. I don't know what my e-mail address will be at my job and I won't be able to access my home or uni accounts from London so there's no point e-mailing me until I get my act together.

Welcome to my own slice of ego mania.

There is no way you could have stumbled on this site by accident so you don't need me telling you what's here. You know what you are looking for. But if you are of a computery inclination then I can recommend that you have a look at the Robots/Srobots page.

Anyway, here are the links to my pages. I'm also networding all my pages so from now on, if you have a compatible browser and the appropriate software all you have to do is type: Alistair Main instead of the address.

E-mail any comments to me at

Credit where credit's due. This site would not have been so pretty without some Microsoft GIFs. As well as the wonderful Texture Maker. The site wouldn't have been put together as fast without the help of Web Edit and Frontpage for the tables.
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