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All new pictures, but now it looks like I've sold the car. It has been nearly a member of the family, so it is really hard to let it go. Who knows? Maybe I'll replace it someday, maybe with a Vulcan.

 Only the car and a couple of odd things so far (family and stuff someday)

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Front Left Top Up  Left Rear Top Down   Right Side Top Down  Right Rear Top Down  Under The Hood

Dash   Front Top Down 

I've had this page going since 3/18/00. All the pictures and the counter are new as of 01/2002.  If you've got cool, funny stuff, send it to me and I'll probably put it on.

"Smartbeep" is a pager commercial from a couple of superbowls ago.  One of the funniest things I've ever seen.


"Ouch!" is a very real looking stunt/computer generated effect.   It's Brad Pitt getting squished, which is cool anytime.



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