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Welcome to Castle Megraw! Ah'm th' Mighty Megraw, d'ye ken. As ye c'n see, ah'm nae a swallow. Ah'm a fish eagle, aye, an' a mighty one at that.
Och, bit ah'm bein' rather in'ospitable. By the way, you can View mah old Guestbook if you wish.
Ah'm ahful sorry, bit we ain't acceptin' members nae more. I apologise tae the guidbeasts that joined within th' last few months, since I ain't acceptin' members nae mair. The only members in the castle air the ones on th' member roster. Again, Ah kin see ye're no vermin, och, an ah'm glad o' that! Kreegah! No vermin allowed in tae Castle Megraw. Bah th' way, Castle Megraw used tae called The Castle On The Lake. It was founded on October 13th, 1998. It's name was officially changed to Castle Megraw on February 20th, 1999.
Och, bit ah'm ramblin'. Jes' go on an' explore. Ah'll be seein' ye!

The Season Is:

The Winter Of New Friends

Where do you want to go...?


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