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Zhongxi Wu
Chinese Reed Instruments
I am based in Vancouver, Canada, and I perform these & other Chinese reed instruments.  I learned how to play from my father and older brothers as a child, and received my professional diploma from the Heilongjiang Art College in northeastern China.  For more information on performances & recordings, please click on the contact link, or sign my guestbook at the bottom of the page
Sheng - mouth organ, made of bamboo and brass reeds
Suona - double-reeded instrument
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All recordings are available for order from Global Village Music, 245 W. 29th St. New York NY 10001,
tel: 212-695-6024, web: www.the-forum.com/globalvillage, or try an online store like towerrecords.com.

By the River Water
Global Village CD 2505
A selection of whimsical arrangements of popular folk & classical chinese tunes for suona, sheng, & other wind & reed instruments.  I recorded this CD in two weeks in New York in 1999 while house-sitting for friends who happened to have a piano.  Thanks to Michael at Global Village for his interest in releasing this recording!

Hong Huor : Red Melodies Celebrating Life - The Wu Jing Min Suona Band
Northeastern Chinese Folk Suona Music for Festive Occations
Global Village CD 2507
This is my father's suona band in recorded in rural Heilongjiang Province, recorded in 2002.
The Northeastern folk tradition of festive suona-playing is regionally distinct, comprising a wide variety of tunes & techniques, inspired by everything from local opera to shadow puppet plays.  Although the sound may be unpolished & raucous to the unaccustomed ear, this is for me, the soul of Northern Suona playing: robust, intense, and enduring.

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