Black Bear's Home Page


As you walk through the Valley between Life and Death...

You notice a Black Bear waiting by the edge of a forest...

He greets you as you come up...

Hello, fellow traveller, you are about to enter the Spirit Woods...

You notice an erie glow coming off of him...

He smiles warmly at you...

Please feel free to browse around...

This site is about anything and everything so please don't be scared to mention something I left out...

It is also still under construction so please Bear with me...


For all who care about Black Bear,

Please understand he is not trying to avoid any,

Just trying to work out the hurt that has been dropped on him

Hurt from someone He was Proud to call a friend,

But that someone turned around and broke Black Bear's pride and his ability to tell people apart,

Now, he is going to meditate till he gets at least His ability to tell people back

Pride is nothing, but it does also hurt

It is not something that can be gotten in a day or two,

But please understand, Black Bear shall return one day...

And hopefully He will be stronger, and better suited to this life that Fate has given him...

Be Strong For Him...


Black Bear has returned to his Valley...I think I am stronger for what I have been through, but I am not able to tell as of yet...Life has given me a beautiful daughter to love and care for, but it has also taken her from me and placed her in the care of my ex wife...I am glad that I have had such good friends to listen to me and give me advice...But the times have changed and others have changed also...I don't believe that I have changed all that much, but I could be wrong...The person that I care about is now not really interested in me and that seems to be my bane cos i haven't been able to do much else but think of her and nobody else other than my child of course...She will always be in my heart even if I am not in her's no more...I shall always remember the times we spent together talking and listening to one another...I must admit that she and my daughter means the world to me and nothing will ever stop that feeling from being there...As far as I can see she will be my one and only...There is no one that can take her place in my heart and I am not giving it up real easy either...


To the beautiful daughters of mine.

I shall love you forever and ever.

You are all I need in life.

Don't ever believe I don't love you.

Cos I love you with all my heart and soul.

Actually you are my heart and my soul.

I miss you so much.

Now that you are thousands of miles away.

I wish I could see you more.

But grandma needs me here to help her.

You must understand.

That the needs of the many.

Greatly out weigh the needs of the few.

There are many with grandma in need.

But there is only me in need of you.

Truth be told, you are all that are keeping me sane.

And you are all that is keeping me alive.

If there was ever made something terrible.

Like me never being able to see you.

I don't know what I would do.

My heart yearns to hold you and comfort you.

But it seems as fate has something else in store for me.

I shall live my life knowing that you are born of me.

And hopefully that you would want to be with me.

Let all know that life with out you is nothing in my eyes.

I shall close this now with that for you to know...




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