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Incase you didn't know...Geocities-Free websites will be shutting down in late Oct. 2009. I have decided to not move my website to a new location. I appreciate each and everyone who has visited here. Ten years and it's been wonderful meeting so many people and creating this site has been a joy for me.
Merry Meet - Merry Part - May we Merry Meet Again!

"The mind is the greatest instrument of magick."

Doreen Valiente

Within these pages you will find information on Wicca, a potpourri of beliefs and rituals.
Please enjoy what I have and come back often.

Thank You for visiting.

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IMPORTANT::Candle Wick Warning
Wiccan Rede (Full Version)
The Principles Of Wiccan Belief
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Book Of Shadows --Sabbats, Candles, Recipes, Stones & more
Books I Recommend and Links to On-line books
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Awards Page - Ever so humble. :O)
AR Pagan Stores and More
Portrait Of Morgan LeFay by Frederick Sandys, 1862-63 ~A true Arthurian Witch~

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Click the headstone to read the April 23,2007 news release "Bush Administration Agrees To Approve Wiccan Pentacle For Veteran Memorials"

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