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Last updated on: November 27th 2000

Guess you all expect to find info about me here but I´m afraid you´ll have to go all the way to the Short Facts page for that *g* Here I´m just gonna write a little ´bout some of my friends, so here goes:
(please don´t get mad if I forgot you *s* just let me know and I´ll add you straight away)

Karina: my best friend (*hugs n kisses*) don´t know what I would do without her
Teresia:met her at newyears eve and it already feels like I´ve known her for ages..
Rebecca: we rode at the same stable, a movie-addict just like me...
Pontus: my ex and now one of my best friends *bs*
Hanna: another good friend...well, what can you say, almost always in a good mood
Christian: Karina´s boyfriend, what can I say...the girl´s got taste ;)
Tomas: Hannas boyfriend...sooo much better then the last one ;)
Catharina: good friend..we´ve been neighbours since I was 2 years old. Just moved to Linköping to study.
Elin: likes to party, and taking photos at parties...
Marri: sweet girl...
Tina: has really bad luck when it comes to mobiles, hers always gets stolen
Gustav:Tinas boyfriend..loves Manga
Tomas: Gustavs roomie...real nice guy
Jimmy E.: he´s the worlds best hugger... *w*
Marco:what can I say...undescribable all around nice guy
Orlando: noone´s perfekt...but he sure is trying...
Maria: originally a friend of Karina, really nice girl.
Elena:friend from school. Loves animals, that´s except small dogs and black rabbits *g*
Jonathan: always getting into trouble...right now at a kibbutz in Israel partying like never before...
Jimmy M: a very good friend, really nice but way too spoiled *g*
Jens: my personal entertainer in physics-class *s*...real nice guy
David: friend from komvux...fun party-guy.
Jonathan B.: known him sice i was 13...started getting along in the latest years.
Giorgio: friend from Italy, loves Ireland even more then I do.
Drew: known him for years over the net, really sweet...
Conny: friend from the net, never met him irl but he seemes like a nice guy