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Hello... my name is Chris

I'm now actually working on my web page so...

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Okay, First a little about myself:

I am 19 years of age (born on August 26,1981).
I was born, and lived, in San Antonio for 19 years.
I am currently working for SecureLogix in San Antonio, my home town :)

Okay that's enough about me.

My hobbies include:

My newly Born Son...Well newly born on 01/20/03 (this is my moms site, click Misc once yo get there to actually see the pictures)

watching Japanese anime
Playing Magic: The gathering
Role playing games (white wolf usually)
chatting on the internet
Playing Bass

A place with cool backgrounds, that I never could have gotten all of these cool backgrounds without!!

Oh! I almost forgot. the day before I left me and some friends went out and took some pictures with my Katana(Japanese sowrd) and some Bokens(wooden swords). Here they are I hope you enjoy them. (sorry about the crappy scanning.)

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