House DeGaalth

Welcome Travellers, to House DeGaalth. Your host, the Lord T'Sarith, bids you welcome. Come in, remove your cloaks, and sit down by the fire. Have a drink and relax. We seldom get visitors in these parts, and they are always welcome.

We are beginning a MASSIVE reconstruction of the entire site at this time (December 31, 2000). I hope to have it finished in the next few weeks, but you never know. There will likely be many broken links as this is ongoing. Please bear with me.

It is now January 1, 2004 and this is the first update in 3 years. Hopefully there will be some new content soon.

Entry Hall You are now in the Entry hall. From here you may travel to the other rooms of House DeGaalth, or to the portals and beyond.

Lord T'Sarith's Library This is Lord T'Sarith's personal collection of lore. Most of it refers to a strange, arcane activity referred to as "Role-Playing". Stop in and peruse a volume. Feel free to copy anything you like, however, none of the volumes may be removed.

Messages for Lord T'Sarith You may use this to leave a message for Lord T'sarith.