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We are a homeschooling family with three children.  My eldest is a 6 year old boy who is doing third grade work or above.  My middle child is a 3 year old boy doing PreKindergarten.  My youngest is 19 months old, and is learning typical bay stuff, like the names for items of clothing and such. 

This website has been out of commission for several years, and I am using this opportunity to revitalize it. 
November 20th 2008: 

Today we recieved a package in the mail from a place called
Ribbits Galore.  They sell leopard frog tadpoles.  I had bought a tadpole/frog habitat on sale from Toys R Us back in July.  It had a coupon for a free tadpole (plus shipping) inside it.  Unfortunately they only ship tadpoles November through May, so we were up a creek.  I put in a pre-order, and he arrived today.  It's quite tiny.  Its body is smaller than a pea.  My eldest insists that it is a boy, but we wont really be able to tell up until it is a three year old frog, at least according to my reseach.  I will be posting pictures of the metamorphosis as it grows.
Dec. 4th

Let's try this again, that tadpole didn't make it.  He lived one day.  We have just recieved our second tadpole.  It was born on November 23rd, so it is 11 days old, and is a good deal larger than the last one, which tells me that the last one was sick when he arrived and that it wasn't from anything that we did to him.

I am also looking into gifted testing for our 6 year old.  I have been given pricing between $200 and $500.  I thought that it would cost about $350, so if we go with the $200 one then that's a deal.  They said that our medical coverage might pay on the more expencive testing.  We're waiting to hear back on it. 
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