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New Counter- 7/12/05

Memory links :

News Possible Alzheimer's vaccine (report)
News Minnesota Scientists reverse memory loss in mice
Research Images held in a single neuron, says memory study
Research IQ and physical activity when teen linked to risk of dementia in later life
Research Estrogen replacement ally in battle against memory loss.
News Illluminated brain cells at work

A little news : - The stuff I think is interesting.

June 13, 2006

News Possible Alzheimer's vaccine (report)

April 5, 2006

news Fossil Said to be Missing Link Between Sea, Land Creatures

February 10, 2006

research Mice lackinng social memory molecule take bullying in stride

January 2, 2006

report King Kong's kernel of scientific truth

December 13, 2005

Research  Human brain cells can develop in mice

December 5, 2005

Commentary  Small brain did not stop Hobbit having big ideas

November 2, 2005

Baby Panda Tai-Shan premieres at the National Zoo

October 28, 2005

Story : The Shawl of Many Colors

October 27, 2005

Research Geneticists map what makes us different

October 5, 2005

News Jaguar Cub Debuts At Texas Zoo

September 21, 2005

Research Active mice grow new brain cells
News WA man builds Mesopotamian reed boat

September 9, 2005

 Human Brains Are Getting Larger, More Complex, Scientists Say

September 8, 2005

News White Giraffe photographed in Tanzania, Africa

September 1, 2005

Research Chimpanzee genome mapped out

August 26, 2005

Research Foods you love may protect your brain
Research Brain activity in youth may presage Alzheimer's pathology
News  Cardiac surgery increases Alzheimer's risk
Report Tea for Two -- or Three -- Reasons (memory)

August 24, 2005

Report Blondes may have more fun but redheads suffer less pain
Research New Hints for Origin of Ultraviolet Damage to DNA

August 23, 2005

News Drug reverses effects of sleep deprivation
Report Type of fat in diet affects kids' memory

August 22, 2005

News Cloned African Wildcats birth 8 kittens (with pic)

August 18, 2005

Research Alteration of Brain Protein Regulates Learning
News Carbon Nanotube sheets stronger than steel
Report Creating life from scratch, one molecule at a time

Older, but good - articles on Homo Floresiensis.
Report Archaeologists have bone to pick over discovery of pygmy hominids
Report Wikipedia - Homo floresiensis
Report Nat'l Geo - Hobbit-Like Human Ancestor Found in Asia
Report Nat'l Geo - "Hobbit" Brains Were Small but Smart, Study Says

August 11, 2005

Research  Study bolsters link between folic acid, reduced Alzheimer's risk
News IBM Computers to Create Virtual Brain
Report Nasal Vaccine might Slow Alzheimer's

August 10, 2005

Report Brain stores knowledge and colour separately

August 9, 2005

Report Study finds that extra folic acid may protect the brain
Report Brain proteins affect memory in schizophrenia

August 2, 2005

NEWS New technology brings worn inscriptions back to life
Research 'Smart' Bio-Nanotubes
Report How Bacteria could have Froze the Earth

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