One thousand years ago

superstition and the sword ruled

It was time of darkness

It was a world of fear

It was the age of

Noooooooooooo!!! Make the lyrics stop!!!!!!

Sorry Puck didn't mean to frighten ya!!! Welcome to my Gargoyles page!!! Beware that only characters I like appear on this homepage. *Demona and her evil friends will you not find :)*

Meet the Gargoyles!!!

A fun loving group of another species!!

Because of the onslaught of school I was not able to completly create the meet the gargoyles pages.







Owen and Puck!!!

Visit my Gargoyle Image Page!!!

More coming soon...

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Logan for the use of his really cool gargoyle banners!!! Here's his site which is pretty cool too!!!!
Micheal Church's Gargoyles Page!!!

Come back soon!!!

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