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Transformers were the last of the toys I played with as a kid, but were my favorite. Although I only bought and played with them for the first few years they were out, I always had a few proudly displayed through High School & College. During the summer of 1996, I found a few at a flea market and caught the fever again! Now, a few years later, I have a nearly complete US collection with a nice chunk of the Japanese and European releases. I have also started expanding into some related lines: Robotech, Shogun Warriors and a few other Japanese robot lines. This web page is dedicated to pictures from my collection, from Botcon & Transcon, from boxart scans I have made.... and whatever else I feel like posting!

I've even established a Parts Identification Guide to help my fellow collectors...

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

And by the way, I'm always open to buying and trading Transformers!

Updated 07/31/07

Pictures From My Transformers Collection:

Transformers Convention Pictures:

Other Transformers Pictures And Images:

Transformer Parts Identification Aid:

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Rework's Past Transformers Surveys:

Rework's 1st Transfan Surver Results and analysis:
Survey one, One week results and analysis.
Final Results of Survey One

Rework's 2nd Transfan Survey Results and analysis
Survey two, Final Results and analysis.

Rework's 3rd Transfan Survey Results and analysis
Survey three, Final Results and analysis.

Rework's 4th Transfan Survey Results and analysis
Survey four, Final Results and analysis.

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