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South Park is a new cartoon like show, but it's made out of paper cutouts. It's about these four boys and things that heppen to them. More and more people are starting to watch this show every day(note: the show is only on on wednesdays and saturdays at 10pm on Comedy Central).This show is not intended for kids, it is rated MA.

A little bit about the main charecters...

First, there's Cartman (his whole name is Eric Cartman). He's a fat kid, with an attitude, but his mom alwas tells him that he's "big boned".He loves to eat, but his favorite snack is Cheesy Poofs.

Then there's Kyle. He's a Jewish kid, and his mom's a b#%ch. He sees talking Christmas poo that brings gifts to everyone with high fiber in their diet. The poo's name is Mr. Hankey!

Then there's Stan. He always throws up when this girl named Wendy talks to him... and his dog is gay! His Sister beats the crap out of him!

Then last but not least, there's Kenny. He always dies in every episode, except for the x-mas special... and I don't think most people liked that. He also wears a big hood, that covers his mouth and we can't hear what he says.

here is one of the best South Park sound archives on the web.(I'm still adding sounds, and i'll keep adding new sounds, so check out the sounds I have now, and come back for more!)
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Cartman's Image page.

South Park animated gifs!
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