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Welcome to The Amazing Oscar. Here you will find information on the oscar, Astronotus ocellatus, but I will have articles and descriptions on other types of cichlids in the near future. If you are not into Oscars or cichlids then you can leave this area now by clicking HERE and going to the other part of my site which has codes and links. Now back to Oscars I choose to cover Oscars because I know a lot about them and with the lack of information about them on the Internet, I thought it was only necessary to make this site. Also I like keeping cichlids more than anything and know a lot of things that have to do with cichlids and Aquaria. So if you are interested in cichlids especially Oscars then I would recomend this site as a reference. If there is anything I didn't cover then just E-mail me I would appriciate it because I rarely get any good E-mail.  Also I plan to make a viewer's mail section where I put up your questions on this site and if you don't want your question posted then tell me when you send it.


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