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Welcome to my worlds.

My interests are science fiction/fantasy and SCUBA diving.

I like to try and find (or do) things that are a little bit out of the ordinary.
I'm working here on


and have included a few of my favorite

I was also going to include a Star Trek area on my site, but when I got started and was looking around, I found that there was already a lot more than what I was willing to do. I have put up a page of links for Star Trek instead. Construction If you'd like to be included on this page, e-mail me.

I'd welcome any comments and ideas about this site. Sign in on my guest book and tell me what you think.
You can see what others think of my site by viewing my guestbook.

You can e-mail me at

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to free stuff

Shareware Categories at Rocket Download Great shareware place.
Mcaffee Download Software: VirusScan Keep your computer happy!
Steve & Carol's Place My sister's family page!
Electronic Telegraph. If you like cryptic crosswords, here's the place to get them.
Directory of /pub Another shareware place. Faster than getting it from the US if you live in Asia!
Website Garage Make your pages load faster and get the bugs out!
Luca Sambucci's Best of Trek A must for trekkies! He shows you a different site every week.
Specific Rim A humorous on-line mag.

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