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Fudge by itself is not a game. Rather, it's a tool that gives a game master complete power and flexibility to create the campaign worlds of his imagination. Worlds that were seemingly difficult to simulate can now be easily created with Fudge mechanics.

I have been using Fudge for a several years now and it has become my favorite RPG system. It has given me the ability to create the game worlds that I was never able to before.

You haven't used Fudge? You don't have Fudge? No problem. Fudge uses simple mechanics that both the roleplaying rookie or the experienced veteran can easily learn in a few moments. Also, the rules can be downloaded, for FREE, from Grey Ghost Games' Fudge website.


Feel free to check out their huge list of other FUDGE resources as well.

- Added a new magic system link to the resources page.
- Two more links added to the resources page: An 'Over the Edge' conversion and 'The Orb' fantasy setting.
- NEW SECTION ADDED on my current RPG campaigns. At this point there is one campaign under production. I hope to have more posted soon.

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