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Galahad's Realm


Contents of the Realm

Quests- adventures and campaigns

Arms- weapons, armor, items and manufacturers

Kings and Fools- NPC's (including Lord Vortex's NPC's of the week), OCC's and RCC's

Arts of the Magi- special abilities, magic and powers

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Other features of the Realm

The royal Register- sign the guestbook

View the Register- view the guestbook

The royal herald- contact information

The Round Table- links to other excellent sites

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The royal herald

You can contact me at Also, if you're ever on IRC, my nick is typically Ga|ahad or some variation of it. Keep an eye out for me! I gladly accept submissions, critiques, or questions about the Realm. I am very proud of it and want to make it the best it can possibly be. With your help, it can be one hundred times the page that it is now. I respond to all email as quickly as I can, but for my sake please put [Realm] before the subject in the subject line. This will improve my ability to contact you as quickly as is humanly possible. Thank you very much.

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The Round Table

A collection of Palladium sites
I have decided to keep this list small. There are really only a few links you need on the net. Those standards are lited below, as well as some of my personal favorite links.

The Official Palladium Homepage - What Round Table would be complete without the mother-of-all-pages? It's great and official. How often does that happen?

Mad Dog's OCC/RCC Netbook - The place to get any OCC or RCC you need for your campaign.

The HLS Netbook of Crow T. Robot - More Hook, Line, and Sinkers than you can shake a stick at, including some of mine.

Links to other Palladium sites - Try the lists compiled by Mad Dog and Palladium. Also see the web rings at the bottom of the page.

Also check out the Palladium Mailing List for the most comprehensive collection of gamers anywhere. Just email and write "subscribe" in the subject line. To get off the list, mail to them and write "unsubscribe" in the subject. For more info, see the PML homepage.

Other excellent sites of miscellaneous content

The One-Stop AP Shop - my other page, help on essays, research papers, book chronologies and character lists. Just a service from my friends and I to you.

Texas A&M University Homepage - Class of '02 AAAAHHHHHH!!!!! Visit the homepage of the greatest university in the world.

Harmony Central Homepage - The best place on the web to get guitar chords and tabs.

Also, I recommend you pick up the latest version of Internet Explorer (especially if using an inferior browser!)



A list of my adventures and even some campaigns I have used through my years of gaming. I've had positive feedback from those who have used them.

A Legend Fulfilled is the epic completion to the stories of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. It builds upon the information presented in Rifts: England as well as explores the past and truths of the ancient legends. I certainly hope you enjoy this one.

Dune is based both on Frank Herbert's (excellent) book as well as on the movie it inspired. Included are NPC's, RCC's and OCC's for use in the adventures and some equipment.

Huddy's Hunters was designed entirely by a gamer named John Stevens. I'm hosting for him since he doesn't have his own page. I listed it here as well as in the NPC section because the background he provided is better than any HLS. In truth, it's as good as anything I have done and I enjoyed running with these scenarios incredibly.

The Arzno Mercenary Corps are intertwined with Arzno Weapons Manufacturing but contain information and some HLS adventures worthy of being listed here as well.

Check out Crow T. Robot's HLS Netbook too. Lots of Hook, Line, and Sinker adventures, including some of mine.

Lord Vortex included HLS adventures with each of his NPC's of the Week as well.

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Kings and Fools

The following are lists of NPC's, RCC's, and OCC's that have been created by others and myself. Any work here that is not my own is displayed with the permission of the creator.


Lord Vortex's NPC's of the Week- Lord Vortex spent several months creating weekly NPC's for the Palladium Mailing List and allows me to host them here.

Huddy's Hunters, created by John Stevens, is a CS mercenary front. Cool stuff! Check it out.

Onra, the Weapon Mage is a powerful warrior mage who not only wields, but can create magic weapons. His OCC is listed below.

Psythe, Psi-Stalker and PA Pilot is a character form the Arzno campaign, and a very unique addition to its leadership.

Xavier Stuart, the Vampire General is the nemesis of Onra and the Arzno Mercenary Corps. A brilliant CS tactician who has become a Master Vampire to facilitate his lord's invasion of humanity.

Gerra, the TW field mechanic for Arzno. Also, read a short little interview about techno-wizard life.

Glorina, a Goddess of Light is an instrumental character in the campaign, "A Legend Fulfilled" but could be involved anywhere forces of good need help.

OCC's and RCC's

Fremen RCC

Fedaykin OCC, a Fremen exclusive

Psychohistorian OCC

Speaker for the Dead OCC

Weapon Mage OCC

The Combat Techno-Wizard OCC

The Techno-Wizard Thief OCC

An essay regarding the life of a Techno-Wizard

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Arts of the Magi

This section covers any magic, super abilities, etc. that I may have created during my gaming career.

Forge Magic Weapon- a spell for Rifts and FRPG


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