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Just Like it Used to Be-Jess the Mess--6K--PG
Humor all the way. I know it's a torture list, but this is my first fanfic, and I'm starting off small.

Fun With Food-babos--19K--PG
just a little UST-- with refreshments.

Tickle Torture-Irene--40K--R
The title says it all. Rest assured that this is consensual.

Drive In's and Swings-U2mulder--19K--PG
a little romp with Mulder, Scully, a drive in movie, oh yeah a swing set too.

After having dinner with his father, Mulder needs to re-evaluate why he goes on.

A Little Love-Cathee Kancel--22K--PG
This is a Christmas story that takes place after the ending of The Ghost Who Stole Christmas as they were opening their gifts.

Flight-Barbara Barnett--10K--PG
A little vignette that takes place between Christmas Carol and Emily.

Cheated Again-Ruth Kehm--5K
Character Death

A Gift for Christmas-Mary Kleinsmith--18K--PG
Picks up where The Ghosts Who Stole Christmas ended, with S&M opening their gifts.

Feeling a pain that is not necessarily your own. (Mulder, First Person)

Mulder The X-Files Agent-XScout--7K--G
To get everyone in the festive spirit, a carol about our favorite FBI agent.WARNING:Turn down the speaker volume before clicking link...there is music at the other end!

Catatonia-Lili Blue--5K--PG-13
Hum. It's a short vignette about Mulder's fears realized.

Small Miracles-Debra Fran Baker--11K--G
Chanukah in the Skullcap universe, where Skinner is Jewish.

The Twelve Days of MulderTorture-XScout--7K--R
A bit of festive fun for the MulderTorture fans out there. WARNING:Turn down the speaker volume before clicking link...there is music at the other end!

Future-Claudia Modell--12K--PG
Samantha`s and Fox`s thoughts at the night of Samantha`s abduction.

The Vow-Paranoia--3K--PG-13

The Flame Burns Out-Paranoia--5K--PG-13

Realizing you've lost your way. (Mulder, First person)

The Vow-Linda Phillips--4K--PG
Secret thoughts at a wounded friend's bedside.

Thoughts of love-Kit Kat141--2K--G
it's a very shippy poem about mulder thinking of scully and their relatinship and pretty much about mulder angst.

Notes I-Octavian--23K--R
Mulder makes a decision.

And Blood Turns To Ice-Rachel Ehrentreu--8K--PG
Flickfic - Scully's thoughts on the ice.

Thirty seconds with Mom-Willa Dedalus--4K--G
Mulder wants something he never had...

The truth hurts, baby.

Perceptions-Willa Dedalus--9K--NR
Mulder and Scully's perceptions differ while they visit an art gallery.

Promises In The Dark-XScout--15K--G
A song on the radio sets Scully to thinking as she waits by Mulder's hospital bed.

Ever wonder how Scully discovers Mulder's sleeping problems? Set a few months after becoming partners.

Prayer of the Optimistic-Penny Daza--6K--G
Mulder talks to God.

Sleeptalking II(I Have Known a Boy Named Fox, And a Man Named Mulder)-Penny Daza--5K--G
And into the night...Sequel to Part I

Thoughts Under A Sea of Stars-Tara Hicks--7K--G
Mulder sits and thinks...

Outsider-Shannon O'Connor--3K--G
Mulder's thoughts (and fears) in the hospital chapel.

Grey Sky-Terri Monture--13K--G
Scully tells Mulder to go to sleep.

Rendezvous with Shakespeare-Willa Dedalus--25K--PG
Dana introduces Fox to St. Crispins day(October 25).

Love Bite-Katrinka--85K--NC-17
Mulder recovers from his experience at the hands of Kryeck and Arntzen. Note: this story is pure confort, with some angst thrown in.Previous story can be found HERE.

The Presence of Absence(1/2)-Johnie--111K--NC-17
The Presence of Absence(2/2)--106K
There's tension between the partners so Scully's about to take a vacation with a friend when Mulder "digs up" something from the past. She reluctantly agrees investigate but finds she has inadvertently dug up something painful from Mulder's past.

Hope Has A Place-Patricia Blair--5K--G
Mulder falls to pieces at Scully's grave.

A Step Out Of Time-Jo-Ann Lassiter--179K--PG-13
Mulder and Scully travel to Boston to assist the local field office with a series of murders, and to work with one of Mulder's former colleagues from the VCS. While there, Mulder encounters an agent he knew from Quantico--and before--and whose favorite sport is Spooky-bashing. Mulder and Scully, meanwhile, try valiantly to retain their emotional distance even while they're being drawn closer together.

Moving On-Vickie Moseley--31K--G
Mulder has to clean out his father's house and gets an unexpected visit. Introspection and angst involved.

MulderTorture PG-Wombat--17K--PG(if that)
Can you say Fluff??? This is a hilarious spoof of slash and muldertorture rolled into one,and I was rolling on the floor laughing(nothing to offend).
1998 Award:(TIE)Best Humor (SLASH).

Two Spirits,One Mind-Shell--26K--PG
Mulder and Scully are kidnapped and experimented upon by a scientist.

Smoke Without Fire-Pellinor--21K--PG
Author says:"I have seen the future, and it is seriously scary..." Great humorous story about MulderTorture.

After the Hearing-Macspooky--10K--PG
Scully realizes that Mulder is having difficulty managing with his leg in a cast.
1998 Award:Best Short Short Story(VINTAGE).

A Long Drive Home from Rhode Island-Macspooky--10K--R
Dana drives a miserable Fox back to Washington after having visited his sick mother in the hospital.

The Number of the Fox-Michelle Hiley--13K--PG
Mulder gets an unusual visitor, who would like to purchase his soul.

According to the Author:"Here is something I really, really like. It's extremely short and kind of a "post major Mulderangst" piece: more about healing than about torturing."

Having A Bad Day-Chris Carkner--13K--PG
Mulder has a rough day.

Dark Dreams-P.Lacuesta--8K--G
Scully guards Mulder's fitful sleep.

Fugitive-Danielle Culverson--53K--PG
A car accident in which he loses his memory causes a crisis of conscience for Mulder.

Dreams Of The Night-Night Weaver--3K--PG
A character regrets the choices made in the episode Gethsemane. Major Mulderangst.

Thoughts As The Tape Turns-Nancy V--9K--PG
Mulderthought/Mulderangst after the last scene in "Little Green Men" (but really, they're grey)

Deal With The Devil-KMS--16K--G
Unaware of Skinner's deal, Mulder makes his own bargain.

Fusion(1/2)-Eowyn Evenstar--81K--PG
While Scully is away, Mulder searches for the missing Skinner, hoping that it's not too late.

First Impressions-Joann Humby--44K--R
Patterson meets Mulder for the first time. Mulder is not yet an FBI Agent.

Fox's Den 1-Deb Prewitt--17K--PG
Mulder is missing, and in her efforts to find him, Scully visits his apartment and dwells on her work, and life, with her partner. Okay,so it's Scullyangst...but it sets the stage for the next two stories.

ER_Outpatient--Nicola Simpson--16K--G
Mulder makes several trips to the ER, as usual.

Kiss Of Darkness--Charlene Hall--90K--PG
Scully is assigned to another agent for a strange investigation, while Mulder is off chasing a girlfriend. When their paths cross, the results are dangerous.

Mulder and the Stinking,Rotten,Terrible,Horrible,No Good,Very Bad Day --Cheryl Cohen--25K--PG
Mulder experiences a definite low.This one does poke fun at MulderTorture and is a definite because it is so funny. The rest of Cheryl's stories can be found at: NEON series
1998 Award:Best Humor (VINTAGE).

Bokor Holiday--Cheryl Cohen-44K--PG
Mulder takes it upon himself to save Scully from a voodoo curse,but ends up needing saving himself.

Forgotten Souls--Cheryl Cohen--80K--PG
This story started the Dr.Jay mystery that is continued in Devil's Advocate and Sanctuary.Tell Cheryl we want more Dr.Jay stories.

Fever Dream-Jessica Archibald--16K--Not Rated
A fever,the result of an unexpected dip into icy waters, causes Mulder to hallucinate and it's up to Scully to keep him safe.

Passages--Vickie Moseley--39K--PG
9 months in the life of Mulder and Scully...MSR.

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