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Your source for specifications and data on the vessels of the Star Trek and Star Wars universes.

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Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek

  • The United Federation of Planets
  • The Klingon Empire
  • The Romulan Star Empire
  • The Cardassian Union
  • The Ferengi Alliance
  • The Borg Collective
  • The Dominion (the Jem'Hadar)
  • The Kazon Collective

    George Lucas' Star Wars

  • The (Evil) Galactic Empire
  • The Rebel Alliance

  • Allow me to introduce myself. Around these parts, I am known simply as 202129(a), if I'm known at all, which is questionable. Ah, heck, I'm not known at all. Anyway, this identification arose out of an attempt at anonymity and impersonality in deciding my e-mail address. However, it also serves as a fitting name for what will become an anonymous and impersonal database of the (capital) starships of Star Trek and Star Wars.

    Why create yet another site dedicated to these two decades-old cultural phenomena? Simply put, I was confused by the existing population of pages, with their butchery of the English language, their disorganization, and, most of all, the lack of agreement between many sites. Therefore, when GeoCities presented me with the opportunity to have my own home page (and its accompanying free e-mail address . . . heh-heh; well, back when they had GeoCities mail), I decided to try and untangle the Web of Confusion with my own creation.

    Come visit
    my more ridiculous page,
    formerly at
    Tennessee's Governor's School for the Sciences.

    Please send all comments or corrections to
    this address, but be sure to change that link's "yahoo.despam" to "yahoo.com." How's that for spam protection? Probably doesn't work . . ..

    I feel that I am well-qualified to take on this task. Since February 1993, I have been absolutely obsessed with all aspects of Star Trek (but not letting it interfere with my academic life, no, sir, because I let other things interfere with that. . . . Social life? What social life?). The universe itself, the characters, the ships, the production. All of it interests me. While I am not as completely familiar with Star Wars, I nevertheless admire Lucas' creations a great deal also. I will admit, I often find myself comparing the ships of one universe with those of the other, but I promise that what I present here will be purely objective. No bias on this site, and you can bet all your gold-pressed latinum on that.

    Having said all this, I now welcome you to the LCARS (Library Computer Access and Retrieval System for non-Trekkers) of the 202129 branch of Memory Alpha. Though it isn't anywhere near complete yet, it has at least gotten off the ground. Looking to the future, after all entries are complete, I will add hand-drawn images of each class. I'll bet you can't bear the wait, can you? Of course, just the entries is taking years longer than planned. Always so busy, so busy, and website maintenance is low on the priorities list. Oh, well. I don't have much traffic anyway.

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