"Confužion iž only A state of Mind"

žo open up your mind and let me in!!!!

WELCOMETO MYWORLD!!!!Be afraidBe veryAfraid!!!! :)
Hi, and welcome to my first homepage. Your probley thinking,"Ok, here I am,but who's page is this?" Well let me introduce myself: My name is Rachel, im a 18 year old female, 5'6, green eyes, and who happens to live in the state of Washington. Where im surrounded by mountains, Oregon, Idaho, Canada,and the pacific Ocean. Therefore making this my only way of communicating with the outside world. I love to meet new people, so if you come across my page, e-mail me or sign my guestbook.Please, I must know if there is life out side of Washington!! My dream, is to travel the world someday, to see everything and do everything. I guess I'v been couped up here too long, Im in need of a new place. So people of the world, if you would be so kind as to tell me what state your from or what country, and a little about it, and your self's, I'd be very pleased. I would also like to add before I end this, is that my favorite singer is Enya. It's simple and True, and no matter how bad of a mood your in, listing to her sing is like letting your pain drift off with her words, or with the lovely music playing in the backgroud. Thanx for visting, and please enjoy your stay. I hope that you all *yes you* will stop bye often and drop me a note.

**Links to other sites on the Web that iv graced with my precence**

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BERT Is Evil!!....Nuff said.
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Adpot your very own star!!!!~Lunastar's~ page.
~TIMBER~ Under alot of construction!!!! Read me!!!!
Quizes: There will be a new quiz to take every two weeks.

If you would like to see any sites on this page,let me know. I for one Loves to laugh, if you know of any funny sites Please let me know where I can find such a place.

~A Tribute to BLONDES!!!!~

There are tons of pages floating around on the internet that bash and criticize us for our hair color. Sure the Jokes are fun to laught at, but the truth must be know. Us Blondes are just as intelligent and reasonable as you brunetts. We may act feeble-minded at times, but that can easily be explained. "Sugar!!" ,and well we cant for get the inlignment of the planets. WE are however praised for the fact that we tend to have more fun. That too can be explained: were just naturaly full of life. Oh ya,lets not forget that were a little light headed...."NOT!" We got brains,we just prefer to use our thinking energy on better things, such as sleeping and shopping. Sure some blondes abuze the fact that they are blonde, by acting mindless and crazy. (even when not under the influence of sugar) And it's them that we blondes have to thank for giving us such a hurtful name. I would however like to say that "I'am blonde,and damn proud to be it." Id also like to add that im a honor student. I guess that makes me living prof that blondes can be down to earth. Ok, I feel that my point has been proven. What point is that you ask, well its that we blondes are just as equal in talent,brains,and personality as everyone else. Our hair color may be light, but that doesnt mean that are minds are. And to tell you the truth...Its the redheads that we have to watch out for......

You Gota Love SKEET ULRICH!!!!

Ok, ladies, Im looking for a new sexy guy to put up, if you know of one, let me know, and He will move into skeets old place.
USHER Makes me wanna........

"Thoughts of My Mind"

As many can tell, I have alot on my mind. My head if full of Questions, that im constantly seeking answere's too. Yet, It's not often that I find them. So It is here, that I voice my words, my thoughts, and my questions, and it is also here, that I seek your thoughts and answere's. Please read what I have wrote with a open mind, and in turn, I'll read your responses with mine open as well.

I have not ttouched this page for about two years now and am now very rusty!! I don't even remember what html is anymore!! So of course my page will be going under some major construction, A whole new layout! So come by often and check it out.
Now, I would like to send a shout out to all my friends here in Washington. All of which are my best of buds. Thanks for standing with me, and keeping me strong. *Angela~Melissa~Christine~Kristine~Jason~Heidi~Nate~Tyler~Betsey~Carrie~Lacey~Patty~Crystal~Dylan~Lenora~Christy~Ruhena ~Avie~Josh~Matt~Buttons~Casie~Trista~Miranda~Laura~Amy~ Liz~Charlie~Katy~Aubrey~Jesse;both of them~Jenny~ And everyone else!!!!

There have been people privliged enough to find my page since 8/2/97. Thanx to you all for comming bye.

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I'v been really busy with school so there will not be very many updates to this page tell I get a vacation. To bad its not going to be a paid vacation. :) If you have any comments,suggestions,or if you just want to say HI! Than feel free to E-mail. Thanx!!!!

ę 1998 4MITZEL@prodigy.net

I love M&M's, there just about my favorite candy. And well, green is one of my fav colors. So all is good.Plus, in the famous saying of the green M&M, "I melt for no one."

I feel that everyone is intitled to their own personal opinions. NO matter what the topic maybe. God gave us voices, words,and thoughts. So I say use them. My page, now holds the Blue Ribbon, as I encourage all of you too. If they take our voices away, then what will we be????

The stars are my obsession, they are what I wish apon, what I dream apon, and what I hope apon. They give my something to think about, they give me a chance to look into the past,they give me somthing to believe in. Hence, I have adopted a fairy to watch over the heavins above, to keep them safe,and to keep the stars I love so much shining bright.

**If you would like to adopt a fairy for your page just click on the logo below and it will magically take you to Vikimouse's fairyland.**

I would like to say a VERYTHANKYOUMUCH to my bud Dylan, If it werent for him, my page would not be what it is.

Childern are worth saving web site

"Please help to support the 'Adopt A Guardian Angle' program." By doing so you are virtually taking the hand of a neightbor and joing us in creating a never ending circle around the world that will empower us to stand up and be the voice for all childern of this planet! Show them you care enought to make a difference! In reality, by displaying this link back to the site above you are helping us to meet our goal of creating awereness, eduacation, gecognition, prevention, and intervention and that is the first real step toward breaking the cycle of abuse and stopping all forms of maltreatment!-Thank You for your support.

~ICQ~ would have to be the grooviest chat thing ever created!!!!!!!! If you don't have ~ICQ~ I suggest you get it. Believe me, it's worth it. :)

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