Sephritoh Essay By: Janis/Marie ( Sephiroth is probably one of the best villains EVER! (No duh Janis..)He has gone beyond the usual call of a villain to a goal that few villains have ever done. For instance, Kefka wanted to destroy everything and Zeromus did too. Not too bad, itís just a extremely old gimmick. Also he diffidently looks different than most villains, a attractive male character compared to the old, ugly, and beast like villains of most RPGís. Yes, I am a girl I can say that Sephiroth is attractive with out you looking funny at the rest of this essay or see my name anywhere. Although to female fans, attractive is a major understatement. And his goal goes beyond the old gimmick. He wants to become God. The last time that plot was used it was between the Devil and God in the bible. Yeah, it IS true that Sephroith did plan to destroy the world, or part of it and use the people for his evil purposes but that isnít the POINT! The point he is trying to become GOD! Then their is the uses of the Masamune, the ultimate weapon in FF1, and the powerful broad sword for Frog in Chrono Trigger. I also spotted the name "Masamune" in FF2 US as a sword Edge uses and Cyan used it too in FF3/US. So basically, the Masamune has always been a good sword used by the brave and tragic heroes. Well the designers said Ďscrew ití and gave the most popular sword in Squaresoft to their best villain (ever!). I also love the name, I have a thing for fancy Jewish names0. There are many meaning to the name but itís rather a touchy subject. I read somewhere that Sephroith means the Tree of Life in Jewish belief or something close to that. I also read that a New-Age angel of Power is also called Sephroith. But why do I think Sephiroth is the best villain never? Other than being one of the cutest villain? Other than having the greatest goals ever? Other than having a great name? He has scary eyes. . . That was the first thing I noticed about him. They where scary and hypnotizing, at the time they where green then I saw they where icy-blue, then sometimes Aqua, and they where always malevolent looking and scary! (waaah!) I think itís the eyes are his trademark, next to the hair and the Masamune.. Donít mind me. I could go on and on about the eyes but I wonít.. Iím doing you a favor.. And before you think I am every insane writing this essay on him then your right. ^_^ Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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