Welcome to the Patrick J. Kane Home Page! Also known as A Lonely Place of Dying. To find out why it's called this click here. But what Will You Find Here on this page You ask? Simple! Web-Pages created by yours truely! So are you ready for some real cool web-sites? Well here they are

Cassidy Keep

-PJK's Cassidy Keep unlike some other Cassidy Keep's out there has something to do with the Cassidy family. It is the place for any and all stuff on Generation X's Banshee, X-Force's Siryn, and all around baddie Black Tom.

The PJK Fan Fiction Archive

-The place where stories written by myself are achived. Some of my work stars Banshee, Captain America, the Tick, and Robin so you get a wide variety.

The Treat Williams Fan Page

-This site is dedicated to my favorite actor Treat Williams (The Devil's Own, Things To Do In Denver When Your Dead, Prince Of The City) You'll find pictures of the man, a list of films he has been, and awards he has won and been nominated for.

The Man Behind The Bat

- A Page Dedicated to Bruce Wayne/Batman's loyal butler Alfred Pennyworth.

How Von Doom Stole Christmas

- I put up this little comicbook(complete with the pictures) of a retelling of "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" but with Mego figures, taken from Wizard's Toy Fare #6 because they're the only ones who could cook up something so strange yet hilarous.

Links To Sites Not Done By Me
Updates(last updated 12/24/97)

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The Oddity of The Update:"So, They Pinned The Spider-Clone Thing On Me, Nice. Real &%#@ing Nice."

Have Entered Into A Lonely Place Of Dying

If You have Questions or Comments send him here CriticalPat@reocities.com, thanks!

Hey come back soon, or I send this guy after you!



-Treat Williams

"Things To Do In Denver When Your Dead"

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