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This page is an expression of my personal interests and passions. I do not claim to be an expert in any of these topics, except cooking, I am a trained Chef so I do have alot of expertise on that subject. I have always been a scholar, and hopefully having this page will open new pathways to learning and many chances to establish relationships with people of the same ilk. I do hope you enjoy my personal Odyssey in the attainment of knowledge. Thank you so much for coming!
Please be patient my page is still a work in progress.


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Gorgeous graphics that are Truly,
Jewels for your page.

Moyra, of Web Jewels made the plaque above for a reason. There seems to be a few people who don't understand what this means. When you use a graphic on your site there are some basic rules you need to follow.

1. Give credit where credit is due. Believe me this is so easy, look above, I am real new to making a web page, but I can do it. Most Web Artists will give you a graphic with their logo on it. All you have to do is put their logo on your site then link it to the Artists site. Don't use graphics that are copyrighted, that means the owner of the site Payed for the unique graphics to be made for their site alone.

2. Don't link to the graphics on the Artist's site, this is Bandwidth Robbery. The Artist gets charged for this, also they can move the graphic then your page looks awful. Right Click on mouse then save to your hard drive or floppy disc. See any one can do it. Make sure you do.

3. Don't Steal. Real simple, if you did not make it don't take credit for it, or try to sell it. It is also in poor form to steal awards that you did not earn.

4. Flaming, if you don't like the site, leave. That is what I do.

Moyra is a good friend and a fine artist, but she is thinking of taking down her site. This would be a real loss. Everybody needs to support these web artists and watch for those who break the rules and e-mail them to stop or report them. Believe me without these wonderful people the Web would not be as fun or as beautiful, not to mention expensive, if suddenly they stopped giving us their art for free:( Sigh!!

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