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Sorry folks I had to go away for awhile and I am back and will start updating and fixig this page very often.



To TJ's Jurassic Park Fact

or Fiction Home


There Are Four Parts To This Page and they are:
1:)Features For Jurassic Park (Part 1)
2.)Features For The Lost World (Part 2)
3.)Rumers On Jurassic Park 3
4.)Additional Features (Java Chat, Dino Info, Links)
My Dino Info Is A Vary Large Collection Of Information On Dinosaurus
Click On These To Transport You To The Location You Desire
Page Features For Jurassic Park

-Picture Gallery (Lot's Of Pictures To View)
-Sounds (Sounds From The Movie)
-Video Clips (Clips From The Movie)
-Actor Information (Info On The Cast Of Jurassic Park)
-Reviews Of The Movie Jurassic Park (Reviews Of Jurassic Park)
-Movie Information (Info On Vehicle, Computers etc) 
-Jurassic Park The Book (A Short Description Of The Book)
-Jurassic Park The Sound Track (A Little About The Sound Track)

Page Features For The Lost World
-Lost World Pictures (Some Pictures)
-Lost World Sounds (Collection Of Sounds)
-Video Clips (A Collection Of Lost World Video Clips)
-Actor Information (Info On The Cast Of The Lost World)
-Reviews Of The Lost World (Reviews On TLW)
-Movie Information (Info On Where It Was Filmed, Vehicles etc)
-The Lost World Video Games Page (Info On The Hottest Game)
-Toys (A Index Of The New Toys On The Market)
-Lost World Novel (A Little On The Novel)
-Lost World Soundtrack (A Little About The Sound Track)
Page Features For Jurassic Park 3

-Jurassic Park 3 Rumors Page

Additional Features
 -Dinosaur Information (Info On Dinosaurs Ideal For School)
-Java Chat (Chat With Other JP Fans)
-Links Page (See Some Other Great Sites)
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