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Here are some details about me :
My name is Alon Pe'er and I live in Israel. I was born in October 27th 1980 (I'm almost 17 years old now...). I like playing basketball, sleeping, chatting on the IRC (I usually get into as "Chief_Miles_O`brien" or "TiCtAcToE", so come and look for me :) ), surfing on the Internet (which I do for free! long story...), watching T.V., going out to the movies and a lot more!
I'm planning to put lots of stuff here. The only problem I have is that 2MB limit GeoCities gave me... but still, I won't give up! I will make this one of the best site ever built in GeoCities! hahaha! oops... got carried away :)

Anyway, here are some of the stuff that are already here:

1) Quotes from a book called "Moving Pictues" by Terry Pratchett.
   It's the 9th DiscWorld novel and it's really funny. I finished reading it,
   and now I'm reading another book in the series, called "Sourcery".
   The problem is that I read it in hebrew, so I won't quote cool and funny
   sentences from there. sorry! :)


2) Pictures of me and my family. ENJOY!


3) My favorite T.V. shows and links to their official and
   unofficial sites. I also grade the sites according to the information
   given there.

4) My Animaniax quotes page. It doesn't have much yet, but
    still check it out!


5) My Simpsons page, dedicated to my friend, Yaron.


In the mean time, e-mail me at:
Or feel free to sign my Guestbook
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