Due to many circumstances, this page has gone untouched for nearly a year! That is about to change, though, as this page will recieve an extreme make-over. It's uncertain at this point which turn the page is gonna take. I may have two pages, one inlcuding Maggott, but if only one remains, I have a whole new page I'm bringing to the web. It will consist of an X-Man, as usual, but this time expect a new character. Well, pictures speaks better than words, I think. So...

So, stay tuned and look for my decision to be made and awhole new MAGGO's page up soon. Below are links that are necessary to many, just so that everything still runs smoothly with them. For now, that's the only part of the page that will remain open.

Web Rings that I below long to.

people have visited since its original incarnation.

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Disclaimer: Maggott, Polaris, Eany, Meany, the X-Men, Generation X, and all related characters are the property of Marvel Comics and Marvel Entertainment. This is for fan enjoyment only. I don't make any money off of this, but sometimes I wish I would though ;) and most especially when people steal my pics, layout, and other stuff then get awards for it. =/

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