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My prime hobby and interest...enter the world of high adventure, wizards and dragons wielding
dark powers, Blade Runner units hunting "skin-jobs", police officers wearing powered armor,
and others..
GURPS , Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and ULTIMA ONLINE
topics can be found here

This is my software page; get all the software I myself can not live without. All my knowledge
in one place, everything I use, everything I need is here.  Well not EVERYTHING :)

Follow this link to see which web pages I visit on regular basis...they are all TOP web-pages
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Ultima Online
  • Find out more about this GREAT Computer Role Playing Game
  • The next step in ONLINE GAMING!!!

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A Sorceror Other Stuff
  • Some other texts by me:
  • Web Edit Tutorial
  • Seminarske radnje iz pedagogije i ostalih predmeta...

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