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The House of Jade
I am alive... Really. [2003.04.05]
Yeah, I've been bad... last updated this stuff almost a year ago, exactly. Some of the campaign info is up, though it's still in exceedingly rough draft form... I'm looking at starting the game back up again, we'll see how it goes.

I've got a livejournal now, which I've been good about updating so far... of course, I've also only had it for a week and we all know how 'new' things are always more interesting, right? =^.^=

In any case, I've got new test results entered in the bio page (that would be the "about me" link at the top over there --->) and will be adding more as I find more interesting quizlet things.

Ta for now!
Ta dah! [2002.04.08]
Well, it's up! The pages should all be bumped over now so that the annoying geocities whatsit isn't covering up the pages anymore. If it doesn't work for you, it means you are operating on an insanely small resolution by my standards.

I noticed a few broken links as I went through updating the pages, so those should be fixed now. I hope to have the campaign info stuff on the game page done soon, but I won't be posting it up here until I've got the legality of the OGL sorted out. I can't read lawyer-speak well at all. =>.<=
Yeah, yeah, yeah... [2002.04.05]
I don't really know why I'm bothering dating these things, I haven't uploaded them yet. I guess it's just my journal of how the work is progresing or something...

In any case, I've gotten the core design done (ta dah!) and I'm now working on filling in the details on all the pages. Hopefully this will be uploaded this eve before I leave work so you all will be seeing it for real, finally. Guess we'll see, neh?

Oh, and if you have any suggestions for graphics (especially on that silly nav bar to the right... boring, ain't it?) let me know. The email link is at the bottom. =)
GASP!... What happened?! [2002.04.03]
I learned CSS and decided to spiff up these pages a bit. Aren't y'all proud of me?? Mahahaha... So it's still kinda boring, bear with me, I'm putzing with this during down time at work and after all, this is here mostly to share stuff with friends, not to win awards.

In any case, hope you have fun poking around, the links are in the navbar on the right. Enjoy!

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