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предназначение человека - сотворение цивилизации

why links (in QLT - see below) are so important ?

multilingual database - collection of phrases and sentences
combining words of different languages


The idea is simple.
To produce beautiful sensible phrases for Balbylon you combine words and grammars of any different languages.

Why do we need it ?
The existing languages are partially exhausted. After classic writers of the past it's difficult to say something original. Almost all listens as a feeble copy. So we need more powerful language with greater possibilities.

A natural way to create more powerful language is to combine words of existing languages. Like we use the direct product in mathematics to form complex objects from simple ones.

Short examples:

u groba Tzarya(at hearse of Tzar, Russian) harbe tzarot(many problems, Hebrew)
rebe(rabbi) zar(alien, Hebrew) - miserable.
bizon(bison) bizbez(miss, Hebrew) business
holy les(forest, Russian) gives health
zloi(unkind, Russian) lawyer, ready for redifa(chase, Hebrew)
miss li(me, Hebrew) misli(thoughts, Russian)
listen lesa son(dream of forest, Russian)
dog polite ne laet (does not bark, Russian)

A language is a reflection of the world. It contains words connected by numerous links.
The words are also linked to images, emotions and so on.
But languages coexist almost independently. Amount of links between words of different languages is much less than amount of connections inside a language.
Each language as though exists in its own plane presenting its own reflection of the world.

We are going to create numerous links between languages. It will convert the structure of many parallel language planes to 3-Dimensional structure of Balbylon which will be much richer than any individual language.

Development of Balbylon database requires participation of many people.
Our purpose is to give some examples, to show new possibilities,
to convince you to take part in this game.
We hope it will be interesting.

Balbylon contains subsets including combinations of only two or three languages.
At first development stage such subsets will be all that exists. Then these islands will grow and penetrate one another. Finally, far in the future, the enthusiasts will search for less known languages from "Red book" to diversify the whole.

At some moment of human history in Babylon the God decided to make many different languages. Time has come to start opposite process: make one from many.

It will be synthetic, associative, beautiful language opening new horizons.
You welcome to make a contribution.

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                            Associative Dictionaries

Balbylon winzipped file - contains all :

             Quantum mechanical Language Theory

     Here we collect some materials about possible quantum mechanical nature
      of the Human Intellect, Memory and Language.

   After reading of Feynman lectures in physics and books like
Probabilistic model of a language, it's natural to come to the conclusion
that words in a  brain interact like quantum particles.

   It means that a word interacts with another word through all possible links
(associations) between these words. Interaction amplitude  is the sum of
amplitudes through all possible links - path integral over all possible pathes.

   That's why it's so important to link words of  different languages,
create one whole language - Balbylon.

       Links increase probability (for a word) to be excited

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