The plains of Turia is a small encampment on the edge of the plains. It is a Gorean encampment and embraces all that Gor stands for. Gor is a world where life can be unfair, mean and cruel, especially to the slaves therein. It is not a place for the weak of heart or for those interested in playing fantasy games, for many Gor is a very real part of their hearts.

Most of the females on the planet Gor are held in slavery, devoted to their owners. The slaves, including male slaves, are beautiful to behold. The Masters powerful, often mighty warriors, they protect those that they own, sometimes with their own lives. To the naive Gor may seem to be nothing more than an extreme form of bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism (otherwise known as BDSM). To those that live on Gor it is more ... far far more ... it is driving force, and visitors should respect the importance of this to the freepeople and slaves that live here.

The Gorean concept is based upon the books of John Norman, and those interested in learning more than offered on these, and similar, pages are advised to read these wonderful books.

This site contains adult themes and nudity (in the form of artwork) and as such is not suitable for minors. Please click on "Escape" the link below if you are under the legal age to view such material where you live. If you are of age, and have an open mind, then please, come into our humble camp, and enjoy a refreshing drink served by one of the pretty slavegirls within.




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