UPDATED MAY 13, 2001
I've added even more new incriminating photos. Why? The answer is probably not located here, but the pictures will most likely make you laugh and point the next time you see me.

I have also updated my DVD Library List. Check it out.

Get 'em while they're UPDATED!
New links added May 13, 2001

You can find me on ICQ

Below are some more links to some of my favorite online sites.
Click on the pics to go check them out. More links are listed on the links page.

The Sims. This game rocks! Check it out here.

Ben Folds Five is no longer. They are still my favorite band though! Click on the album cover to go to their homepage.

New studio album in the works...
"Comfort Eagle" July 2001

My favorite show is still cancelled. How about that. It is currently in reruns on the SciFi Channel. Check it out every Saturday morning. For a current broadcast schedule, click here.

Also check out the official online newsletter for the show.

So you've seen the show, but you don't quite get all the references? Not to fear, just point your browser to the Complete* Mystery Science Theater 3000 Reference Guide. Many of your queries will be answered there.

*ok, so it's not totally complete... but still worth your time.

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Dear Curt, How I pine for you...
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