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I'm recreating the whole page please excuse the mess.

If you search for vampyre they will find you. They are a telepathic community that share bodies and will test and search out your true feelings. Do not invite us in if you do not wish a co-habitation in the body. It can not be reversed once a teacher accepts you and enters the body with you. If you stay true to your dark side they will accept you and send things your way to help you understand our ways. If you are hunting and trying to domesticate the dark children of the night nothing but bad luck will befall you and your generations. The magick that surrounds the dark children and protects them....are the ancient unseen bloods. We protect our community and bad things just happen to those that try to hurt our children of the night. To find us and make a connection you must haunt our establishments till one of the unseen takes notice and chooses to take you under wing. The period of testing is to see if you can resist being hunted and manipulated by psychic co-hersion to turn you against us.
Then and only then do we accept and make you a part of our society. We are a harsh group to live with. While still in the body you must indure much but don't give up. For we are the children of the night. VAMPYRE MAGICK is illusive at best. We are a telepathic society and study in the astral/spiritual realm not in the physical realm. Vampyre and Shaman systems have the same roots in ancient times. If you study the ancient Shaman magick system it is very close to our system. Much of the language is in both systems. Do not study the New Age Shamansim it is tainted with rehashed christian thought. Read: ~The Lakota Letter on New Age Shamanism~

All creatures of the night still need an energy source to heal. But there are many sources left untapped. Uncut gemstones can be use to store energy in a necklace or attached to a cloth. The cloth can be laid over an astral or physical injury. The lifeforce interacts with the gemstones to promote healing. Lifeblood has to have some form of sugar to exist and create lifeforce. A low carb diet will drain you and leave you weak.

Sunlight kills lifeblood, drains lifeforce and damages astral sight. Grain alcohol can be toxic to lifeblood in higher levels. Natural ale, beer and wine generally do not harm it unless taken in extreem excess. You must care for the lifeblood to gain power and abilities. The blood contains unseen living entities that give off lifeforce. Meat placed in cola decomposes... Cola can become toxic at higher concentrations in the blood destroying lifeblood. Be cautious of what you consume and try to nurture your lifeblood.

Many of our babies are born jauudice. The lifeblood was deprived of oxygen and the elements contained in air. It takes time for them to recover. The medical care is usually sufficient to bring them out of a jaundice state with one exception. They need body contact to absorb lifeforce. Laying an infant across the breast of the mother to feed like in the natural births greately increases lifeforce. Holding the infant close gives it lifeforce. The baby carriers that snuggle the infant to the body allows your lifeforces to be one. Our infants feel seperation of mind contact and lifeforce. They cry for this reason. But are content when you pick them up. We are telepathic individual and feed each other lifeforce. To seperate a baby from its mother is devastating to the highly advanced little soul. Seperation has to be done in small stages and give them a favorite blanket embeded with your energy to keep them comforted. They understand what you "think to them" on a certain level. But are still attached to the unseen entities that care for them. Each child born has a whole unseen gathering that nuture them and will follow them through life. If you hurt their charge they will take action. The infant can see them and smile at them. Some say they are imaginary playmates. No they are shape shifters and assorted entities that made a pact to be with the child through out its life. Only if the child is hurt by seeing them do they block it. To protect them from harassment. Most that are born pagan keep the visual contact through out life and talk to them. But hide it in modern society where seeing the astral and spiritual beings is is still unacceptable. The christian church uses High Ceremonial magick to bind and block this sight and seperate the individual from the spiritual realm. So they can shephard them and use them as a army of the so called christian God. The christian agenda is to multiply and take over the world making all governments subject to them. Any pagan that joins a christian organization loses their spiritual communication as the christian church binds them. To take over their life. Negating their lifes mission and seperating them form those that came with them at birth.

All breast fed infants are given life essence in the breast milk. That is why it is so important to breast feed for at least 1-3 weeks. Then to switch to a bottle if you need to. Most if not all infants that are breast fed attain life blood from the mother. All nipples crack and bleed from the suckling. No matter how much nipple cream you rub on them. It is a natural occurance through out all of history.

The entities living in our blood, sweat and tears can not be identified under any microscope. It is composed of astral, spiritual and physical elements. If it is shared with another. It can bless or curse depending on if the individual accepts our way of life. It can lay dormant and surface in the next generation or manifest in this lifetime if you beleive in the pagan magick realm. But if you do not beleive or attack us it will not help you and block your powers. That is why they have to physically hunt us. There are some who have broken the old laws and given it to christians but it is like beating a slave into obeying. Using force and will to make it work for you. We who are one with Lifeblood and lifeforce join with it and are empowered. Phoenixess

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