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Midnight's UFO

Hello, and welcome to my unidentified flying object. This is my tribute to science fiction, fantasy, and a few other random interests of mine. Please explore the UFO...
Hey! Do you like quotes? Come and see my collection from sci-fi, fantasy, and other sources. It will be updated often, and if you have any you'd like to contribute, say so in the comments section of my guestbook. (Don't put them on the guestbook, I'll get back to you by e-mail.) Enjoy!
These links lead to the myriad of places that my UFO can take you. Your wish is my navigator's command!

My Star Trek page: Engage to the Maquis Vessel Exchequer.
My Sliders page: Slide to Logan Mallory's Vortex.
My Sailor Moon page: Travel to Sailor Charon's orbit.
My tribute to music in all its many forms: Enter the Treble Clef Cafe.
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Links to other ships--er, sites--on the web:

The Slightly Warped Website: Hilarious! Lots of parodies and jokes.
The Ultimate Theme Song Midi Page: This page is great! It has lots of theme songs in MIDI format to download.
He Is Remembered: This is the start of a journey through the lives of POWs and MIAs from the Vietnam War, maintained by a member of Operation Just Cause.
ColorCenter: This is really really neat! It's a site written with Java script that lets you test all of the different hexadecimal combinations for HTML colors to see what combination would work best for your page.

Rimmerworld! For all Red Dwarf fans, this is the ultimate Rimmer Experience... ;-

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