Here lies the eternal home of The Bob Levels.
Due to the fact that GeoCites sends me an email about every two weeks saying I am exceeding my bandwidth and they are turing off the site for a while, I have put together this bare-bones front page for those who are still interested in downloading the campaign1. If you really want to see the old pages, they still exist but are far from up to date. If you just want to download the levels, here are the links:

The Bob Levels I (Enhanced!)
The Bob Levels II (Enhanced!)
The Bob Levels III 6

1I know you must be out there, since the bandwidth keeps being exceeded, and they get mentioned on the CC forums2 every so often.
2Yes, I do still watch the community. I am always watching you.3 4
3Watching you like a fox. 5
4Mwa ha ha ha!
5Foxes are soft and cuddly, unlike Luke's scorpion, which is hard and hurty.
6So good, it doesn't need enhancements

Nobody likes Ron. 1