updated August 14,1999


Spreading Good News-Ten--38K--PG-13
Informing relations and friends that you and your wife have just become parents is one of the most happy tasks in the world. For Mulder, however, things are never quite that easy...

Detour through the Ads-Sally Bahnsen--30K--PG
A fill in the gaps for detour. Told from Scully's perspective.

Love Against Evil-Cerulean Blue & Pinkus--24K--PG
We all know that Mulder and Scully are perfect for each other, but what happens when their relationship is threatened by an evil force?

The Trojan War I-Ten--83K--PG-13
The Trojan War II-Ten--14K--R
Part I:"A war is going on, Agent Mulder. Either you're on the right side or the wrong." How did Mulder and Scully feel about the sides they had to take during 'Pine Bluff Variant'?
Part II:The events of "Pine Bluff Variant" made Mulder and Scully declare their love, and now they're acting on it.

An Angel Bleeds In My Arms-Xavia--58K--PG-13
Tiny Summary: Mulder. Angst. Scully shot. Angst. Mulder beating himself up. Angst. Scary dreams. Angst. 'Tithonus' aftermath. Instant angst. Seeing how everybody else was already enjoying the ride, I jumped on the wagon too.

Mulder’s Pot of Gold-Doriane Scott--68K--PG-13
Is it really Leprechauns robbing New York? Or can it be something even more unbelievable? (this is not a comedy piece)

A Fungus Among Us or When Mushrooms Attack!-Frances Hayman--38K--PG
Field Trip post episode. The agents spend time recovering from the fierce fungus of Brown Mountain.

Patient 5A-Glymax--92K--PG
A third-party view of an unfolding X-File.

Wings of Wounded Doves-Tara Avery--11K--PG-13
Mulder and Scully choke on dreams and hopes and fears.

Mad Visions-Mulderslady--44K--PG-13
What's worst than not seeing your attacker? Not being able to scream.

"Washed in the Blood"-Branwell--14K--PG
An exploration of how the events of "Milagro" affect Mulder's view of his and Scully's relationship.

Mulder's thoughts when Scully dies an unexpected death.... Its really sad, but read it!

There Comes A Time-Ellen Field--71K--PG-13
A different spin on Monday. No Pam in this story. Scully is the variable,and she is unaware the day is repeating.

Ana-Dana Pettengill--3K--G/PG
Mulder's plea for freedom while battling Ana.

Witness- Susan Proto--56K--PG-13
Mulder takes the witness stand as seen through Scully's eyes.

Surviving the News-Vickie Moseley--41K--PG
Post ep for Redux II. By my count, Mulder didn't sleep or eat during the time he left Scully for Canada until he told Skinner the news of her remission. That's enough to make anyone pass out. As seen through Maggie's eyes.

Goshen-Bone Tree--166K--PG-13/NC-17(epilogue)
A harrowing night in the Virginia mountains makes Mulder and Scully relive parts of their pasts and rethink their future.

Ties That Bind-Stephanie Feldman--393K--NC-17
Walking home one night, Mulder is attacked and the events that follow force him to realize the feelings that he harbor for Scully.

Automaton has left the Building, The-Parker, G.A.--44K--PG
A vulnerable Mulder's thoughts in Fight the Future, after Scully announces her impending resignation.

Decision Pushed-Spooky Jr--4K--PG
This is a Post - Kitsunegari. This is Mulder's POV. What was Mulder thinking during the confrontation of Linda Bowman at the warehouse that night?

She Comes in Colors-Sonraie--16K--PG
Scully's disappearance changes the course of Mulder's life. Will he ever see her again?

Yep, another Scully visits Mulder in the padded cell fic. This occurs after her return from the Ivory Coast. (Mulder, First Person)

Not For Everybody: hard to read due to a weird take on mind- reading, and a few (mangled) naughty words.

What happened after the doors to that "truck" closed at the end of "Field Trip?"

Hearts and Other Strangers-Kestabrook--35K--PG-13
This takes place during and after "Milagro."

Agony, Confusion and Discord-Theresa Lambert--19K--PG-13
missing scene - Biogenesis. Especially all those scenes that we didn't see as Mulder started losing it. Also incorporates scenes that were part of the original script, but not seen in the episode.

Foxtrot-Rev Anna--42K--PG-13
Mulder and Scully are helping Tom Colton profile a serial killer with a taste for Sinatra.

When a mother lives a life of threats, lies, and secrets, something will eventually break. Implied character death.

The Fallout From Arcadia-Ten--90K--NC-17
On the way back to the San Diego field office after "Arcadia", Mulder is involved in an accident. He wakes up believing that he and Scully are Mr & Mrs Rob Petrie...

The Kidnapping-Josie Marchant--58K--NC-17
Mulder is kidnapped during an investigation and it's up to Scully to save him.

Thank God It Was Only A Dream-Angel Eyes--26K--PG
Scully dies while Mulder is in her presence. How will Mulder deal with her loss?

Living Dead-Max Fenig42--7K--PG-13
How would Mulder react if Scully died?

the Fallen God-Hawthorne Kessler--9K--R
An unfortunate accident lands Mulder in the ER.

All That Serial Killers Are Made Of-tyger 1013--18K--R
Despite Mulder's background and his tendency to get lost in the minds of killers, he has never lost his mind and become murderous…until now.

Shades of the Truth Interlude: And Baby Makes Three-KTsBudgie and Starlet346--93K--PG-13
An interlude in the Shades of the Truth universe. A marriage and a baby. Three days in the life of Moose and Squirrel's family.

Feared Drowned-Sara Joseph--8K--PG
First-person Scully. A dock. EMT's. Waterlogged Mulder. And the title says it all.

Broken-Shell T--11K--PG
Does your other half know it when they make your heart break?

Crisis of Faith-Barbara Barnett--121K--PG-13
a partnership in crisis; a case with serious ramifications.

Sick Again-Ski--50K--PG
Mulder is sick (again). Scully comes to the rescue and brings him to the hospital.

Drive the Other Way-Tasha Abrams--18K--R
Such good potential, all wasted. My version of the episode. With apologies to Vince Gilligan.

Frail Gesture(COMPLETE)-Tara Avery--65K--PG-13
Mulder and Scully re-examine their relationship and a tragic event helps them realize the depth of their bond.

Life's Lessons 1:The Beginning-Elizabeth Hanson--26K--R
Life's Lessons 2:All Good Things Must Come to an End--18K
Mulder is forced to bring up his past when he receives a letter.

Into The Mystic-Katvictory--56K--PG-14
Long story short. Mulder. In Coma. Trapped in Misty world between life and Death. Killer. Wants Mulder Dead. And a little child shall lead them. Read it you'll unnerstan' then.

Beyond the Partnership-Ten--18K--G
"Beyond the Sea" if Mulder and Scully were no longer partners.

His Dod Kalm-Ten--42K--R
Mulder's POV of Dod Kalm. There is a Scully companion vignette to this: "Her Dod Kalm".

Her Dod Kalm-Ten--60K--R
Scully's POV of Dod Kalm. There is a Mulder companion vignette to this: "His Dod Kalm".

Monday Take #1-xf1les--7K--PG
Okay, this story is supposed to be the first Monday. The one they messed up so they had to do over and over.

Seldom A Mistake(1/2)-kristy_t--93K--PG-13
Seldom A Mistake(2/2)--82K
One summer a special childhood friendship is made. One learns the value of friendship, the other; the harshness of life.

Overwhelming guilt that doesn't subside and the realization that departure is unwanted. (Mulder, First Person).

The things that we cherish most in life are to be protected. No matter what the cost.

Mulder in Exile-rfk--75K--R
Believing he is making the ultimate sacrifice for the woman he loves, Mulder finally accepts one of Cancer Man's nefarious job offers.

Chasing Lights-Ellen Field--67K--PG-13
Set during Mulder and Scully's first year together, towards the end of season one. Mulder believes there is more to an abused child's disappearance than the evidence would suggest. His curiousity leads to a remote mountain top location and (ofcourse) plenty of trouble. Not much of a plot to this story, just plain ol' MulderTorture.

Memories and Nightmares-U2mulder--32K--PG-13
Scully's memories about her abduction are surfacing and it brings about dire changes. Scully gets abducted again . Mulder's sanity is on the line, can he survive Scully being abducted again and pull himself up long enough to find her.

Mulder's Anonymous Torturers-Caroline O'Connell--13K--PG-13
Trapped in a dark room with 2 sinister women.... Now what's a girl to do?

Future Winnings-Ecolea--110K--PG
Mulder is trapped on an alien ship and awakens to find himself stranded aboard the Federation Starship Voyager. Can he make a place for himself three hundred years in the future, or will replicated coffee be a stumbling block?

Future Winnings 2: Cafe Americano-Ecolea--106K--R
Living aboard the starship Voyager Mulder continues his journey into the unknown. Can he overcome old fears and new terrors? Or will he find himself a victim of his own reckless presumptions?

Internal Feast-Amber Pyle--28K--PG-13
Mulder is captured by an unknown person and used as a test subject for some sort of drug. Can Scully save him in time?

Shapes of Life-Frances Hayman--53K--PG
Triangle post episode. Skinner and the Gunmen vow to help Scully with Mulder, but how much help are they, really?

Reunion in a Small Town-Mary Kleinsmith--16K--PG
Scully & Mulder's enjoyment of a High School Reunion is interrupted by Mulder's propensity for getting sick.

Breathing Room-Brown-Eyed Girl--50K--PG-13
Missing Scene from "One Breath".

Christmas & Mrs. Scully’s House-Jen--73K--PG
After spending Christmas Eve in an airport, Scully and a sick Mulder spend Christmas at Mrs. Scully’s. What follows? Well, read and find out. Sequel to "Christmas Eve & Airports."

Almost Midnight-Brandon D. Ray--182K--PG-13
Fox Mulder and Tara Scully team up to solve a mutual problem, and find themselves swept up in an X-File.

Christmas Eve & Airports-Jen--23K--PG
A snowy Christmas Eve at an airport.

House of dreams-Humbuggie--96K--R
Scully becomes obsessed with a house which caused the deaths of previous inhabitants. When Mulder tries to open her eyes and face reality, he threatens to become the next victim.

Lousy Evening-swenglish--41K--R
This time it isn't an alien virus that caught up with Mulder, even if it feels just as bad!

The Wringer-dee_ayy--78K--PG-13
Did _you_ wonder what Scully meant by "been through the wringer" in TRIANGLE? Me too. Try this on for size.

"You think you know..."(1/2)-Caroline O'Connell--90K--PG
"You think you know..."(2/2)--87K
A Stalker turns his unwanted attentions to Scully, throwing Mulder and her into a situation neither of them ever envisaged.

Scully struggles to regain her memories after a terrible event. Plenty of MulderAngst.

A Multitude of Heavenly Hosts-Vickie Moseley--119K--PG-13
Mulder and Scully encounter their Guardian Angels and the conspiracy gets mixed up in there, too.

Angles and Planes-Vickie Moseley--20K--PG-13
Hey, it's the Bermuda Triangle. If I say anymore, it will consist of spoilers.

Remember Me(1/3)-Caroline O.--92K--NC-17
Remember Me(2/3)--114K
Remember Me(3/3)--120K
Mulder and Scully have been forcibly separated from each other for fifteen months. Scully has a new life, but no knowledge of her previous one.

I Know-dee_ayy--74K--PG-13
A third person recounts her experiences helping Dana and Fox come to terms with Dana's cancer. Written in journal form.

Family Ties II-nikki--41K--PG
When we last saw the dynamic duo, Scully was going home to pack for the trip up to deal with Sam's belongings and she had agreed to consider Mulder's suggestion that she join him in an effort to adopt the children. So, we rejoin this saga already in progress:

an adapted version of the "Highwayman". Of course, with the usual X-Files twist.

The Lambs Are Screaming-Jessica Sesto--12K--PG
Clarice Starling is assigned to work with Mulder after Scully's death and she helps him silence his lambs.

Sliding Doors-Ten--77K--R
A 'what if' story. How would the rest of the movie have gone if MULDER was the one stung by the bee?

Wishful Thinking(1/3)-Jen and Lauren--135K--PG-13
Wishful Thinking(2/3)--132K
Wishful Thinking(3/3)--97K
Wishes can't come true, or can they?

Secrets Long Forgotten-Vickie Moseley--18K--PG
A slightly twisted ending to the episode 'Demons'.

Haunted House-Analise--88K--PG-13
In the Halloween spirit...a Halloween tale.

Miracles-Susan Proto--96K--PG-13
Tragedy strikes a new relationship, yet miracles are still a possibility.

By Her Side 2: The Awakening-Vickie Moseley--22K--PG
Continuation of By Her Side. Bill takes up watch over an injured Mulder and tries to reconcile some old feelings.

Survivor's Guilt-Munchie--9K--PG-13
Well, here's the challenge- Write a story with Scully or Mulder's point of view, then write the exact same scene with a minor character's point of view.

Mulder's Ghost-Hawthorne Kessler--8K--PG
Mulder goes over the edge after learning Scully is presumed to be dead as a result of a car accident.

Eleventh Hour(1/2)-Rachel Anton--111K--NC-17
Eleventh Hour(2/2)--111K
Some feeling defy the confines of time.

As Mulder and Scully enter a new phase in their relationship in the wake of the Blackwood virus case, a man who disappeared decades earlier returns from a remote region of Tibet. This event prompts a new investigation that has implications both for the X-Files and for Mulder and Scully personally.

Aftermath of Mulder's traumatic experience w/ the New Spartans.

Dark Corners-Susan Proto--86K--PG-13
Mulder faces an unseen enemy with devastating results.

I'll Be Seeing You(1/3)-Fox's Gal--86K--R
I'll Be Seeing You(2/3)--102K
I'll Be Seeing You(3/3)--116K
Agent Scully receives letters from a psychopath regarding Agent Mulder. This is a sequel to "I Know Someone" by XScout.

Heresy (Pine Bluff Variation)-Khyber and Alanna Baker--16K--R
Mulder faces death at the end of "Pine Bluff Variant." Has the most important discovery come too late?

Taking Care of Business-Jen and Lauren--112K--PG-13
A dead man, a snow storm, and a sick Mulder make for an interesting case.

Arch Angel-Jenga--164K--PG-13
Mulder and Scully go undercover as newlyweds to apprehend a serial killer.

Affreux-Cancergir1 and Bradford--42K--PG-13
The story takes off at the end of Tooms. The setting, to refresh your memory, is in a shopping center, at night. Mulder has nearly been killed by Tooms, barley escaping an involuntary liver-ectomy. Tooms has apparently just been crushed under an escalator...

Murder Most Vile-P.C.Rasmussen--84K--PG
Mulder and Scully are on a case where an apparent serial killer has killed some people. *big surprise* It's up to them to figure out who - or what - is killing these people. Do they? Read the story.

Memory:Restoration of the Mind(1/2)-Daydreamer--82K--R
Memory:Restoration of the Mind(2/2)--53K
Mulder is found, injured and with memory problems. Scully tends him while he recovers, and helps him deal with new memories of that fateful night. The first part of this story can be found HERE.

Night Terror: The Other Side-Tanya Larissa Chang--18K--PG
Mulder becomes imprisoned by a man set on revenge against both Mulder and Scully.

Like a Turtle on Its Back (1/2)-Jo-Ann Lassiter--79K--R
Like a Turtle on Its Back (2/2)--85K
After several blows to his male ego, Mulder begins to question the equilibrium of his relationship--both professional and personal--with Scully.

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