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Here you may find all kinds of fiction stories written by me, Ben Church. Most of it is fan-fiction, but there is also an origional work as well. Enjoy! And please E-mail me
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Ben's Home Page! There will be links to the best sites I can find on movies, shows and people that I think are cool, some sounds, and pics of me. In other words, your basic home page.

Also here, is my Post Appocalyptic Web Page! Here will be summaries, reviews and links to every piece of Post Appocalyptic fiction I can get my hands on. Be it movie, tv, music or literature.

Also Visit: The Hotshot Homepage-A collection of stories featuring the first charector I ever created.

Updated!! 4/4/08 New Marvel Comics Story! A Little Help From My Friends

Dead Like Me
Dead In DC- A young man in DC finds himself joining the ranks of the Undead.

Marvel Comics
Now at their own page.

Miscellaneous Stuff
Transcript of An Online Chat With Godzilla!
Corny Crossovers- As you may have noticed, I'm a crossover fan. But here's some that even I wouldn't write!
Corny Crossovers II- The Wackiness Continues!
The Goonies Drinking Game!

Mystery Science Theater 3000
Aliens: Mistied: Forrester, just to keep Mike and the 'Bots on their toes, sends them a good movie for a change!

The Omniverse Project Page
This page details just what universes I've combined, and has all the stories that take place in this universe, in chronological order.

Burn Notice
Wild Card-(Burn Notice/The Pretender) After a job, Mike owes a favor to a mystery man. He soon gets a chance to pay it.

The Pretender
Those Who Wander- Jarod meets some interesting people on the road.

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer
Now on their own page.

Stolen One: The origin of Ireland from Armageddon. Chapter 1, Chapter 2

Gen13: Chill Out: Caitlin Fairchild makes some new friends.

Now on their own page.

Vampire The Masquerade
Bitter Regrets, Sweet Memories- A blind Toreador ruminates on his life, both mortal and immortal, as he prepares for a concert in Washington DC.

Star Wars
Doma Fett-Like father like son.
X-Men: Trek Wars-In the midst of negotiations with the Federation and the Shi'ar, Han, Leia, and Luke must team up with the galaxy's greatest heroes to stop an unholy alliance. Part 1/17, Part 2/17, Part 3/17, Part 4a/17, Part 4b/17, Part 5/17, Part 6/17, Part 7/17, Part 8/17, Part 9/17, Part 10/17, Part 11/17, Part 12/17, Part 13/17, Part 14/17, Part 15/17, Part 16/17, Part 17/17

Xena And Hercules
Pan- Xena and Gabrielle fall under the spell of the first Satyr, Pan!

This story has been removed, due to lack of inspiration. However the campeign itself, and the charectors, will be posted on my RPG Page.

DC Comics
Superboy: Depression-Superboy must stop a boy who can project his own mental state on others! Angst alert!
The Sandman Presents: A Christmas Carol-Once and a while, the Endless can be petitioned to intervene in the life of a man, and change it for the better. Based on A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Infinite Crisis- (Buffy/DC Comics/Marvel Comics) The Slayer and her allies face an apocalypse bigger and more disastrous than any they've ever faced.

Star Trek
Deep Space Nine: Hough- Taking place during Star Trek First Contact, the last of the Individual Borg, Hough, takes refuge on the station.
Voyager: A Most Interesting Development- In this crossover with Highlander and Buffy, Seven of Nine recruits an Immortal crew member to keep the Borg from assimilating one of his own.

Firefly fics! What else?

Daswon's Creek
Capeside September 11- September 11th 2001 as witnessed by the citizens of Capeside Massachusetts.

Harry Potter
Harry Potter Woke Up Goth- Pretty much exactly what it sounds like.
Hermione Granger Woke Up Punk- A sequel to Harry Potter Woke Up Goth

Fan Fic by Travis Bell
Brisco County Jr.
Celebrity Status (Brisco County/Back To The Future)- Someone claiming to be Wyatt Earp is commiting robberies. Brisco want's to find out who, and why! Based on the crossover idea in Ben's Crazy Crossovers List!

Final Curtain- The cast and crew of Gaithersburg High School's fall play are besieged by a demon! Will any survive?
The Lady in the Water- Loosely based on the poem The Lady of Shalott, a mysterious vessel is spotted in the Potomac River.

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