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Though much in charm and cheap effects we are sorely lacking
Pure emotion and uncanny truth, in these we are not slacking

Though they enter severally and part in peace,
Quite an undertaking it is to keep them all occupied
Or remember them in poetry, prose after they have gone and died
In memory or appearance, changing color, like the shearing of fleece.

Question of the (however long it takes me to update): Identify an Epic storyline (novel, movies, any media) which has had a large influence on your life.
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1: The Land of the Rifts
2: Emotions flowing freely in the Area of the Pen
3: Rock & Roll, music and the American Spirit(UC)
4: The Endless Journey, a Final Fantasy Experience (UC)
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May 20

Creator v3.1 is going to be up in the next few days, you will love the improvements.
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