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Secrets And Lies

CLOSED: The game is over
cover from Nine Princes in Amber ''Don't worry, I'm here. I didn't lie...''

''I knew you would come. You could never depart until it is played out, and the curtain has fallen.''

''We don't know yet that the last act will be as we wish. The King has proved, once again, that you can't write his lines for him. Everything has changed. What of your script now?''

(Read more of this conversation....)

The time is soon after Random returns to Amber as the new King. With the passing of Oberon, certain long-lost Amberites (who had been considered dead) reappeared in Amber. Several new Amberite children have also made themselves known, although few have formally arrived in Amber yet.

The PatternFall War is over, but tension with the Courts of Chaos continues. Random's reign is not yet secure. The Shadows hold more dangers than any had feared. There are many uncertainties.

An Amber DRPG Campaign

Sorry, we are full up. No more characters!

Lurkers welcome though!

The story centres around Amber. The player characters are assumed to be the next generation of Amberites.

Non-Amberites are possible but will find it difficult to participate in every level of the story.

There will be three central themes in this campaign.

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