The Ghost Realms

Mist swirls around and embraces you as a cold breeze blows and sends a shiver down your spine. In the distance you can hear the wail of the restless souls that reside in this place. This is place of great anger and regret. A place of shattered lives and tortured souls. This is the world of the dark. The Ghost Realms.
Enter and embrace the world of the dark. Read the tales of the residents of this world and know of the hells they have been through. So come. Be you Spirit of Vengeance, restless soul out for revenge on those who have wronged you, or just one who is intrigued by and drawn into these...
Ghost Realms

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Many of the characters in these stories are not my own and are owned my other parties. They are used without permission and I'm not making a dime off of any of this.

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