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    The 'shipper's chant: we mUST, we mUST, we mUST increase the UST!

    Hello, and welcome to Little Slice of 'Shipperdom, an extremely 'shipper-friendly site, devoted to the impending romance of Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.

    Who are Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, you ask? BEGONE!! Leave this page NOW!!!

    No, just kidding. If you really don't know who the two sexiest, smartest FBI agents in the world are, then this is the place for you! I invite you to fall in love with the love of Mulder and Scully! Yes, I said "the love." For as much as the non-relationshippers wish to deny it, the romance between Mulder and Scully has always existed, and will probably be acknowledged by the end of the show. (The X Files will come to a close in the spring of 2000 - sob, sob. But the movie franchise lives on!) Even Chris Carter, the creator of the show and the perpetual nay-sayer of Mulder and Scully's romantic relationship, has recognized their feelings. "Mulder loves Scully and Scully loves Mulder," he said in an interview preceding the premiere of The X-Files: Fight the Future.

    Well, of course they love each other. They trust no one but each other. They have experienced so much together, more than any other pair of people. They have been through pain and tragedy, death and redemption, and each has always been a source of strength to the other. They protect each other at all costs. They are each other's saviors. Without Scully, Mulder would be lost in his search for Samantha and the truth. He would have nothing to ground him, nothing to force him to care about something besides himself. He would have lost to the Consortium. He needs Scully, in every sense. Without Mulder, Scully would be lost among the other intelligent, capable people in the world. She would lead her life in ignorance of the truth, with a closed mind and a closed heart. She would be dead a thousand times over. She needs Mulder, to draw her out of herself and make her whole.

    *UPDATE* It is now utterly official and out there: Mulder loves Scully. It has been said. In "Triangle", which first aired November 22, 1998, Mulder told his partner and best friend that he loved her, after kissing a person he fully believed to be her. That clinches it, folks. All we have to do now is wait to Scully to say it as well!

    Hear Mulder say those three little words

    Enough sentiment. Please browse and enjoy this site, which will continue to grow and grow. Specialities of the house include: my 'shippy fanfic section (specially hand-picked from the great Gossamer archive, my 4 unique picture galleries, my SOUNDS SECTION, STILL UP AND RUNNING....FOR NOW, and my main attraction, the songs of Richard Marx, as interpreted by myself to fit Mulder's feelings for Scully. Richard Marx must be a secret 'shipper! You will be astounded by the poignancy of these lyrics! It's kinda . . . spooky. :) As always, feedback, comments, suggestions are always welcomed at

    Just one more thing - I beg you to sign my guestbook!! Let me know you were here!!! Tell me what you thought!!! PLEASE!!!

  • FUN LINK DU JOUR!! Mulder and Scully are both Leos, y'know. Go here, and enter "Leo" and "Leo."

  • FANTASTIC FANFIC LINK DU JOUR!!! Leia's Fanfic Page - The best of the best. If "After We've Said Goodbye" doesn't make you weep, you're one cold-hearted 'shipper.

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