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This is I, Mighty Pirate CaptinSnuff!  Hello and welcome to my ship.
When yer on the seas as long as I ye find yerself needing... alternate food supplies.
Now that you are on board, feel free to look around.  What have you got to lose, except for valuable seconds of your life.
Different decks and rooms of the
Festering Magot
What's New?  Where are we headed?  It's all here in the:
RPG Projects
Date: 1/15/07
The Promenade
Project Atlantis
Ahoy my fellow buccanners, it be I your loyal Captinsnuff.  Happy New year to all!

Your Loyal,
The Mexica Project
The Galley
An Ancient Secret
Crew Mates Old News
1) Banjo Contest 10/29/01
You are currently number...
Be on the Lookout!
Be ever mindful or my arch enemy.  He has been know to roam around my site waiting to sabotage my ship.  Here is what the foul deamon looks like.

Name: Captin Blood Throat James the III
Hight: 5' 8"
Personality: Very Nasty.
Favorite Joke: Have you heard about the new pirate movie?  It is rated ARRRRRR