Our Best Friend!

Hello! My name is Mr. Flopsy Ears, and I would like to welcome you to my resort here by the bedside. Since I retired a few months ago, I have been working on branching out the resort a bit. Of course, that meant all the creepy crawlies in The Realm had to move. Don't worry, though, they haven't gone too far. If you really want to go over there, meet me at the south door and I'll guide you. Just give me a minute to grab my coat and hat.

Still here? Oh, good! I do enjoy having company. You see my friend St. George here; quite the adventurous fellow. I recall my many adventures, doing paladinly things, righting wrongs across The Realm. And also the adventures I have had with Ray and Maureen, keeping the two of them out of trouble. Ah, the perils of the stuffing impaired...

As I mentioned before, I am looking into expanding my resort. I have some family that has moved in from out of town. Cousin Hopsy Ears came first, but Mama and Papa came soon after, along with Auntie and Uncle--talk about adventurers; I can't wait for you to see a picture of Uncle with his Indiana Jones hat on--and also Grandpa. Grandpa Hopsy Ears can talk your ear off, and you have to be careful he isn't just pulling your leg!

Of course, if you've been around our Halloween page, you know that I have lots of other friends around. Marvin and Reginald have been around forever, I think. And then there's Sam and Alex and Agreeable Bear and Sleepy Time Bear...we're all one big happy family. I'll be able to get you some pictures soon, but Ray says he's out of film right now. Sometimes I think he would get lost in his own head if I weren't there to guide him around a little bit...

Sometimes I think that my greatest adventure was getting Ray and Maureen together. Nothing they did was what you would call typical, but I kept whispering their good qualities to both of them, and they came around. Now they're happily married.

Speaking of their wedding...Are you familiar with the Renaissance Faire? Well, by all means, take a look into our wedding album for an idea of what it's like to adventure in Merry Olde England! I can still taste the Roasted Turkey Legge that they served at the reception. Yummy!


Well, that's about all that I have right now at the resort. Please come back soon. Now, if you're interested in looking into the creepy crawlies at The UA Realm,  just follow me down this path. I chased them all out, but they say they like it better in their new home, anyway. That's just the way I like it, too. Everyone happy.

Also, if you’d like to see the latest on the Ravenloft Campaign of The Missed (or maybe peruse the archives of some of the older campaigns, like The Vagabonds or The Ergosian Chronicles), just follow me over here to this little portion of The Realm.

And now, I just want to say Good luck in everything you do, because you deserve it! And God bless!