(They say I have always had my head in the clouds...I couldn't let "them" be wrong.)

Lady Dream Chaser

(aka ladydc)

Hello there. If you are here, I guess you are wanting to learn more about me. Well, where to start! I am a 37 year old mother of a 15 year old son, who is the light of my life. He's the greatest and too smart for his own good sometimes. I am married now to a wonderful man and we have added two daughters to our life. Samantha is almost 1 1/2 yrs. and Alexis is 1 week old. They are PRECIOUS! :) Jake is great with them.


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I enjoy movies (love comedy and drama the most), music (Love most music. Not too picky. I enjoy some gospel music, such as Carman. My likes range from country, pop rock, and as far away from that as Megadeth and Ozzie), reading (Dorothy Garlock and Linda Lael Miller are favorites.), writing stories(I want to finish a time-travel/romance novel one day.), spending time with my son(He is the charmer. *smile*). However, I spend a lot of time on here too. I love the Internet. (Don't we all?)

I have always had my "head in the clouds". I am a dreamer to say the least. I see the good in people, regardless of their downfalls. I respect people for their differences. I don't judge or condemn, as everyone is different.

~A Little Background~

I was born in Manhattan, KS and have lived in a few different cities in Kansas, such as: Manhattan, Topeka, Osage City, Lyndon, and Caney. However have lived most of my childhood in Falls City, NE (where I developed a great love for lilac's). We used to play under two lilac bushes that grew together, kind of like a fort. They put out such a delicious smell.


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Feel Free to Email me to say hello, or just to tell me your opinion on my poetry or stories.

Springfield, Missouri

If you are a musician from the Missouri area and would like to record your music, or would like a sound system installed -- email Phil at Tru-Sound Studios. He can set you up.

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